IREX – Call For Applications To Support Gender Norms Change for Adolescent Boys and Young men in Tanzania 2022

The USAID Youth Excel: Our Knowledge, Leading Change program is seeking a local youth-led or youth-serving organization in Tanzania to serve as an implementing and learning partner for the Young Emanzi Boys Mentoring program (EBM), a positive masculinities program for adolescent boys and young men. This organization will partner with Youth Excel to implement EBM while also collecting data to inform best practices. 

Who is eligible to submit a concept note

Legally registered local youth-led and youth-serving organizations who meet the minimum criteria, share Youth Excel objectives, and have experience implementing youth programs in the Mbeya and Mwanza regions of Tanzania.

Organizations led by or serving marginalized groups, which may include age, gender,

disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other identities, are encouraged to apply. 

Eligible countries:

  • Tanzania 

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May 16, 2022, at 11:59 pm Eastern Africa Time (EAT)

How To Apply?

  1. Download the request for application (PDF, 328 KB). Updated April 29, 2022. 
  2. Download Workplan Template (XLSX, 23 KB),  Budget Template (XLSX, 54 KB), Budget Narrative Template (Word, 45 KB), and Due Diligence Questionnaire (Word, 56 KB). 
  3. Watch a recording of our May 5, 2022 informational session, download the slides (PDF, 633 KB) access the question and answer document (PDF, 93 KB), or session transcript (PDF, 168 KB). Added May 6, 2022.
  4. Submit an application before the deadline.  

To get more, like Diplomacy Opportunities Facebook Page, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram

For more information on tis opportunity, visit the official website

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