Try Kibo Applications 2022

Discover the joy of computing, and figure out if online learning is right for you. Learn with peers and mentors in our immersive online bootcamps and workshops.

Future Proof with Python

Python is one of the most versatile and useful programming languages. From web development and data analytics to machine learning, its real-world applications are vast. Learn introductory Python and build the skills to succeed in university-level computer science.

Web Foundations

From Squarespace to WordPress, numerous solutions exist today for building websites without writing code. But, if you want to be a software engineer, you need to learn how and why websites work under the hood.

Try Kibo is a 100% virtual program. The time commitment is 15 – 20 hours per week of work during the 5-week program. Learners must:

• Complete daily lessons and assignments
• Attend live class on Zoom once a week. The class will take place on Thursday between 12-7 pm UTC

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Am I eligible to apply?

To be eligible for Try Kibo, you must: 

• Live in Africa 
• Be 16 – 24 years old 
• Be in your final year of secondary school, or a secondary school graduate 
• Be proficient in written and spoken English
• Have basic proficiency in computer usage, though no prior knowledge of coding is expected

How To Apply

To apply to Try Kibo, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Fill out an application form
  2. Attend an interview session 
  3. Submit answers to a few video interview questions
  4. Complete short challenges the week prior to the program beginning

To get more, like Diplomacy Opportunities Facebook Page, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram

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