Call For Application: Anambra Innovation Stakeholders Summit 2021

nambra Innovation Stakeholders Summit 2021

The Anambra State Information and Communication Technology Agency (ANSICTA) will organise a virtual summit to discuss the resilience and creativity needed to drive development, innovation and technological advancement of Anambra especially in a time of the COVID19 crisis.  The Anambra Innovation Stakeholders Summit (AISS 2021) will offer an opportunity to reflect on skills, ideas, finances, commitments and policies needed today and for the future. Participants will learn how private and public stakeholders can replicate growth models and invest in innovative ideas from Anambra focusing on digital technology, scalable initiatives and creativity.

Objectives and Expected Outcomes

  1. Raise awareness on the importance of ensuring strategic investments in innovation and technology in Nigeria generally and Southeast/Anambra specifically.
  2. Highlight practical global best practices and lessons learned that can be replicated in Anambra towards reimagining innovation, growth, scalability and profitability in addressing present and future prospects.
  3. Discuss practical ways in which investors, donors, venture capitalists and the private sector can collaborate with government and civil society organizations to enable necessary investments needed accelerate growth.
  4. Identify policies approaches to support the growth of startup ecosystems and networks in Anambra
  5. Reimagining and reinventing educational approaches to reposition Anambra as a technological innovation destination of the future.

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To bring this into reality, key areas that can translate digital technology into development and inclusive growth which are but not limited to:

  • Jobs of the Future in the gig and circular economy
  • Coding, Computer Applications and digital skills training will enhance meeting the requirements of the digital workplace and entrepreneurship.
  • Anambra intends to train 40,000 people in 2 years and we intend to grow to 100,000 persons in 4 years time.
  • Applying Stem and coding and digital skills to reform education
  • Human Capital. it is well established that Nigerians are gifted innovators, coders and software engineers and Anambra can produce 100k of those people in the next four years.

It is on these foundational beliefs that the Anambra State Information and Communication Technology Agency (ANSICTA) is hosting the Anambra Innovation Stakeholders Summit with the theme “Incubating A Digital Revolution” which is focused sustainable growth and technological advancement of Anambra in particular.

The media partners are Anambra Broadcasting Service, BusinessDay, Nairametrics, Tech Cabal, Techbuild, Nigeria Communications Week, Techeconomy and the Society of Igbo Professionals (SIP) who are supporting this event.

DATE: Wednesday 28th July 2021

TIME: 9.00 am

To attend: click here to register

VENUE: The Program will be hosted on the Zoom App and Live Streamed on Facebook and You Tube

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