RIGO Call for Volunteer Writers

Rising Generation Organization for Youth Empowerment (RIGO)

Rising Generation Organization for Youth Empowerment (RIGO) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Our purpose at RIGO is to make a significant impact and positive difference in the lives of the youths living in Nigeria. We do this by simulating the social, entrepreneurial and political mindset of young Nigerians. We believe that a paradigm shift can make all the difference and position the country in the right path to growth.

We are looking for young contributors to share their perspectives on events happening in their community or issues that affect young people in Nigeria, such as poverty, unemployment, diversity, leadership etc. Some of the benefits of being a writer with us includes access to exclusive RIGO events, serves as rapporteurs at our regional and national conferences, opportunity for your work to be read by thousands of our followers and lastly, an opportunity to shape RIGO’s discussions and talks!

To Apply

If this interests you, send us a mail at info@risinggeneration.org or contact 08105043946

To get more, join Diplomacy Opportunities Facebook Group, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram

Find out more about us and our initiatives at www.risinggeneration.org

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  1. U am naturally a passionate writer, on multidimensional subjects. I felt that this is an avenue for me to grow and help others grow.


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