Call For RNW Media Young Supervisory Board Members

Radio Netherlands Worldwide RNW Media

Radio Netherlands Worldwide RNW Media

This is a call for highly talented people who would like to be part of a Supervisory Board with true social impact: RNW Media is extending their Supervisory Board with 2-3 new Board members!  In case you don’t have supervisory boardroom experience, no worries, please apply! The current board will enable you to succeed in this role.

Social change is what RNW Media stands for. RNW Media is developing rapidly, we are adopting a new business model, are working with the newest online technologies and are keen to grow the diversity of our workforce.

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The position:

The Supervisory Board is responsible for supervising the development and execution of the vision, mission, and strategy, for supervising engagement of the most important stakeholder groups, including young people and donors, and for supervising adequate risk management. The board is the direct employer of the CEO, and therefore responsible for recruitment, performance evaluation, and dismissal. The board also has a coaching, sparring and advisory role to the CEO and the leadership team.

The Supervisory Board members are appointed for a period of four years, with a potential second term of four years. They are in regular contact with each other and hold formal meetings approximately six times per year. These meetings require a certain amount of preparation time.

In addition, you could be asked to participate in specific committees like the Audit, or Remuneration Committee. In a “normal situation”, a member of the Supervisory Board spends about four hours per month on work for RNW Media. In the beginning, the time spent might be higher due to the need to get acquainted with RNW Media and the Supervisory Board.

Physically, the meetings will take place in Hilversum, the Netherlands, but depending on the location of Supervisory Board Members, participation by video conference is possible as well.

All members of the Supervisory Board act on a voluntary basis. Expenses will be paid (e.g. if travelling on RNW Media business).

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Ideally, new members of the RNW Media Supervisory Board:

  • Are socially engaged and committed to social change for young people in restrictive societies;
  • Have digital community interest/experience;
  • Understand cybersecurity;
  • Have international NGO experience;
  • Have proven experience in one of the countries where RNW Media is active in the Middle-East and Africa;
  • Represent and reflect RNW Media’s target group, aged 15-30 years old; and/or
  • Possess a solid understanding of international financial reporting in the Dutch context.

To Apply


If you have a proven interest in RNW Media’s mission and vision and, ideally, have most of the following characteristics, we would like to invite you to apply by sending your resume and a short video of 1 minute in which you state your motivation.

Should you be interested please send your application before 7 August 2019 to

RNW Media is moving towards a new business model. It would be a big plus if at least one of the new Supervisory Board members has expertise in innovative business models and diversification of income. On behalf of RNW Media YESS International Consultants is responsible for the selection procedure.

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