Call For Applications: ACT Foundation Changemakers Innovation Challenge 2019


CT Foundation Changemakers Innovation Challenge 2019

The Changemakers Innovation Challenge is conceived by ACT Foundation as a response to the impressive work of community nonprofits and social enterprises in Africa who are leveraging technology/ digital tools to create social change in their communities. Research shows that most nonprofits using technology/ digital tools to drive projects and develop communities are coming ahead in the world and also creating lasting impact.

The challenge is open to non-profits and social enterprises across Africa who are using various technological tools to create innovative social solutions. The support including funding and technical offerings is to enable them to scale up impact within the community where they presently work and beyond.

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There will be funding support to the top four finalists towards scaling of the solutions across different communities.

Eligibility Guidelines

  1. The Changemakers Innovation Challenge is open to only nonprofits and social enterprises in Africa. For social enterprises, the innovative solution submitted must not be towards for profit ventures. (It must be fully towards social good)
  2. Organizations must submit social solutions within the Foundation’s key focus areas, namely; Health, Entrepreneurship, Environment and Leadership.
  3. Nonprofits or social enterprises must be registered with the government agency in charge of organizations’ registry.
  4. All submissions must be innovative solutions that use technology/digital systems as major tools for the community impact. Show evidence of claim through provision of web links and other online presence.
  5. Organization must have been in existence for at least two years.
  6. All submitted social solutions must be at the growth stage and must have been tested/implemented and have direct beneficiaries. Evidence of claim through pictures, news releases, etc. must be documented and shared during the application.

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To Apply

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  1. Entry for the Changemakers Innovation Challenge closes Sunday 16th June 2019. Late entries will not be considered.
  2. The entries must include a three-minute (3) YouTube video. The video should be uploaded onto your YouTube page and the link shortened, customized and filled in the application form using following format. e.g. The video should contain the following information: 
    • A brief introduction of your organization. 30 secs
    • What is your innovation about? 30 secs
    • How is your innovation being deployed? (Evidence with a collage of pictures/videos in the various communities/locations of deployment) 1 min
    • Why should your innovation be accepted? (This should answer why you are providing this solution to the target beneficiaries as well as a justification for selection) 1 min
  3. Only one entry will be accepted per organization. Once an entry has been submitted, no further changes will be accepted.
  4. All entries for this challenge must be in English.
  5. No entry fee, purchase or payment of any kind is required.
  6. Winners will be announced and awarded at the annual ACT Foundation Breakfast Dialogue holding on Thursday, July 25th 2019 at the Lagos Continental Hotel Victorial Island, Lagos.

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