Call for Profile Submissions: African Freelancers and Skilled Youths

African Freelancers and Skilled Youths Africalance

African Freelancers and Skilled Youths Africalance

Despite significant efforts from governments and investors around the world, traditional jobs will not be created quickly enough to absorb the 122 million new entrants to the African labor market over the next two years. There is also some evidence that a formal job may not always be the best option for all. Flexible work, offered for low-skilled workers, can unlock significant economic benefits such as raising labor-force participation, providing opportunities for the unemployed, or even boosting productivity for millions around the world. Also, 44 per cent of Africa’s population has a mobile phone – a number that is rising quickly. However, less than one per cent of all retail in Africa is conducted online, compared with 18 per cent in the UK and 20 per cent in China.

AfricaLance Platform:

While a majority of Africans have competent enough skills to take up projects that require the most in-demand skills in the gig-economy, the lack of a specialized platform focused on understanding and upskilling the African talent-pool has meant that most of them remain undervalued and lost in the crowd. When we plan for the future of e-commerce, technology, and employment in Africa, we need to improve the working conditions of independent workers, rather than continuing to rely solely on regular, formal, contracted employment as the way that people want (or even should want) to earn a living.

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AfricaLance is invested in the gig economy to create an explosion of non-traditional work opportunities which directly result in more efficient services to consumers. This explosion is based on the dependency of the average consumer on the internet. Social media platforms allow service providers in the gig economy to connect with the consumer in real time. To achieve these ends, AfricaLance has launched an African focused Freelancing platform complemented by two other platforms:

  1. AfricaLance Accelerator: which offers programs designed to upskill the unemployed and assist them in marketing themselves successfully to canvass for freelancing and consultancy work in Europe, Asia, the United States and beyond;
  2. AfricaLance Talent Community: which is a peer-support group for African freelancers to ask, learn and grow from each other’s experiences and best practices.

With offices in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and Nairobi Kenya, AfricaLance is currently calling on Skilled African Youths to submit their profiles to be screened on a rolling basis and publicized to potential clients seeking freelancers.

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