Call For Applications: Afresist 2019

Afresist 2019

Afresist 2019

Afresist is a multimedia platform rooted in the values of Pan-Africanism, using technology for the co-creation of alternative models, training, convening and empowering African youth and documenting their work, experiences and movements across the African continent and beyond. Afresist does not necessarily imply civil resistance for regime change – that is already happening on the African Continent – but rather refers to the daily resistance of the millennials in Africa to survive with dignity and build the Africa We Want.

Why Afresist?

Youth-led movements in Africa following Tunisia’s nonviolent revolution receive relatively little scholarly attention, media coverage and organizing support compared with other regions.

The grievances that erupted in the popular movements in this and other African countries,Benin, Burkina Faso, Togo, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Mauritania, Djibouti, Angola were very similar, aiming to bring down long-entrenched authoritarian rulers, or rising up against exploitative economic systems, corruption, inequality and, in particular, youth marginalization. The political and economic contexts of these countries are very similar, and so are their struggles and aspirations.

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African youth are organizing in new ways of activism and utilizing new tools like social media and artistic expression to communicate and raise awareness about their causes.

Importantly, they seek to change the status quo, and balance power relations in highly asymmetric conflicts and communities, to allow for effective negotiation, peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

Afresist, therefore, crowdsources this knowledge and documents citizen action on the continent–first and foremost by Africans on the ground–while empowering youth organizers and connecting them with social justice academics, journalists, organizers, researchers and activists everywhere.

What we hope to achieve?

  1. Build a strong collaboration and unique exchange between young African researchers, bloggers, artists, activists and organizers to produce a collective memory of the struggles, the learnings and best practices that will be translated into data, visuals and creatives.
  2. Influence policies and mainstream narratives about the positive roles and constant (but overlooked) social change demands, actions and mobilization of African youth.
  3. Nurture the Pan-African movement and solidarity through regular convenings, trainings, workshops, and networking; as well as support action to allow the spread and scaling of youth work across the continent and beyond.

Set the standards for a new model of Pan-African leadership through a primary leadership programme on the continent that empowers a new generation of Pan-Africanists

The program covers:
  • Full and partial scholarships will be provided to selected applicants.
  • Full scholarship includes travel, accommodation and program registration.
  • Partial scholarship includes accommodation and program registration.
  • Program materials which includes African movies, literature, art, case studies
  • Certificate of becoming an “Afresist Leader” after completion of the full program

Phase I: 10-17 April 2019 – Nairobi, Kenya

Phase II: 24-29 July 2019 – Location to be confirmed

To Apply

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Process/ Timeline
  • The deadline for submission of application form is Monday 11th February 2019
  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview by the end of February 2019
  • The announcement of selected participants will be made on Monday, 25th March, 2019

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