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Afrika Youth Movement Ethio-Eri Peace Festival 2018
Afrika Youth Movement Ethio-Eri Peace Festival 2018

The two countries (Ethiopia and Eritrea) which are neighbors in the horn of Africa have been rivals for more than two decades. However, regardless of the action taken by governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea to deport citizens during the African deadliest border dispute, people have been crossing the red-lined border to meet their beloved ones. Fortunately, due to the recent political reform development in Ethiopia it has been a request of many to celebrate the pure love pouring in the heart of peoples of these sister countries. With sweating eyes, peoples are expressing their feelings to different media outlets. As we are part of this society, we aim to bring Ethiopian and Eritrean youths together in one platform to discuss on how they can contribute to strengthen the people to people relation. The event will be a kind of festival so that it will be engaging.

As part of the Together We Speak Campaign by CIVICUS World Alliance of Civil Society, Afrika Youth Movement in Ethiopia will organise the Ethio-Eri Peace Festival

Date: Sunday November 18, 2018

Venue: Webe-Shebelle Hotel

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