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Prague Civil Society Centre Youth Trends and Leaders
Prague Civil Society Centre Youth Trends and Leaders

Despite the numerous institutional and organisational barriers, restrictions, lack of opportunities and other difficulties in many countries, young leaders are finding the energy and creativity to push their societies forward.

In this context, we will bring fifty such change makers from across the region to Yerevan, Armenia. These will be young leaders, managers of youth programs, researchers focusing on youth, active citizenship, democratisation, human rights and social media trendsetters from the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. During the course of the event the participants will share their experience of the current trends among the youth, generally those between 15-25 years old, in their countries. They will discuss what excites, energises and motivates them and exchange experiences of creative and innovative projects that have been successful in engaging and empowering youth.

The gathering will consist of two main parts:

The first and main part will be devoted to discussing interesting and inspiring practices in the field of youth activism and youth participation. Among other things, the participants will pay special attention to the possibility of establishing networks of cooperation between young leaders and youth initiatives in different countries of the region.

The second part of the event will focus on familiarising the participants with the tremendous political and social changes that happen in Armenia right now, and more notably to meet with some of the people at the centre of this change.

  • Dates: 22-28 November 2018
  • Location: Yerevan, Armenia
  • Organized by: AEGEE-Yerevan and the Prague Civil Society Centre
  • Languages: Russian / English
  • Costs: The organisers will cover costs related to participation

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To apply

Click here to apply

You can fill the application in either English or Russian. Deadline for the application is 6 October 2018


If you fulfill any of the three criteria below and are from any of the countries in yellow be sure to apply!

  • Leaders/members of youth organisations or project managers whose work brings long-term positive results for young people and students in your country, region or community.
  • You are a trend-setter and change maker. Perhaps you are young enthusiastic leader working outside the traditional civil society organisations (NGOs), but through your work, your actions or your communication you attract the attention of young people.
  • You run popular and influential pages on social media networks, you have thousands of subscribers and your activity in social networks starts a discussion in the community.

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