New United Nations Youth Strategy Launched: #GenUnlimited #Youth2030

New United Nations Youth Strategy #GenUnlimited #Youth2030
New United Nations Youth Strategy #GenUnlimited #Youth2030

The United Nations at the ongoing 73rd General Assembly has launched a New Youth Initiative Gen Unlimited #Youth2030 towards youth active engagement.

Generation Unlimited brings together the private sector, governments, international and local organizations – and young people – to identify and scale up the best solutions for three major challenges: access to secondary age education, acquisition of employability skills and empowerment, especially of girls.

With education, skills and empowerment, these young people will help transform economies and nations. But a fast-changing global economy demands increasingly specialized skills at a time when many education systems are struggling. It is building a new and dynamic model: co-creating innovative solutions; brokering support, mentoring and funding; placing young people at the forefront of change.

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The Generation Unlimited partnership will be informed and steered by young people as it works to empower them to be a force for change.

Young people will be co-creators of solutions, actively engaged as “solvers” in the Youth Challenge process. The Youth Challenge will open space for them to crowdsource new solutions and boost interest among youth.

Young People will participate in all key decisions of the partnership. A combination of online and offline channels will be used to bring young people into governance processes.

Generation Unlimited will influence global policy and practice for young people, and it will demonstrate new standards for linking young people into policy debate at all levels.

The partnership will prioritize the inclusion of young voices across the spectrum of ideas, cultures, and contexts. It will link existing youth networks and organizations to advance a global dialogue on youth participation.

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  1. Thanks,
    As young people, we emphatised for our communities and would like to use our knowledge, skills and energy to participate in building and strengthening peace, innovations, stability, Resilience Program Interventions as well as moral development in the societies.

    With the youth program launched, the United Nations will find our synergy at hand as youths and we will work with them as they empower us in our programs.

    Wani Richard Joseph
    Executive Director,
    Peace and Development Mission Africa (PDM-D) Juba, South Sudan.

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