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Menstrual Health and Management is now widely integrated into cross-sectoral coordination mechanism and national education and health systems, curricula and materials, and in ongoing research on product acceptability and impact, learning, monitoring and evaluation. In addition, many countries are introducing a wider range of menstrual health management products including locally manufactured reusable and disposable pads and menstrual cups and are establishing new distribution channels. However, in spite of this progress, most of these efforts remain undocumented, limited in geographical coverage and scale are largely donor dependent. More needs to be done to better strengthen high-level commitment, coordinate, share knowledge, develop effective and innovative approaches to supply management and distribution, and ensure financial resources to sustain efforts and bring programmes to scale across the African continent.

It is against this background that UNFPA ESARO with the Department of Women in the Presidency of the Government of South Africa, SAT and selected partners will convene the first in East and Southern African symposium on Menstrual Health and Management.

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In order to have an accurate record of the messages leading up to the event, actual proceedings, priority actions and recommendations, the services of 4 rapporteurs are required. The UNFPA ESARO and SAT seek to hire 4 Rapporteur consultants (One lead Rapporteur and three session rapporteurs) for the Menstrual Health and Management Symposium which will take place 28-29 may 2018, 2018 in  Johannesburg, South Africa.

Scope of work

The lead Rapporteur consultant will:

  1. Present the event report framework at an inception briefing meeting with UNFPA ESARO technical officers.
  2. Attend all facilitators’ meetings preceding the event.
  3. Assign rapporteur tasks to the three session rapporteurs.
  4. Take complete notes of the proceedings (in plenary discussions and one of the three parallel sessions) as per rapporteur’s template to be agreed with by UNFPA ESARO and SAT.
  5. Consolidate notes/recordings provided by three session rapporteurs and own notes.
  6. Present draft report for input by all partners.
  7. Present final report.

The session rapporteurs will:

  1. Take complete notes of the proceedings (in panel session discussions) as per lead rapporteur’s template and instructions.
  2. Provide summaries of each session to the lead rapporteur
  3. Consolidate all rapporteur notes/recording into a report to be provided to lead rapporteur.

Duration and working schedule

The lead rapporteur consultancy will be for seven (7) working days, including 1 day for the facilitators briefing meeting, 2 days at the symposium and four days for the report finalization. The 3 session rapporteur consultancies will be for four (4) working days, including the 2 days of the symposium and two days for consolidation of notes.

Deliverables for the lead rapporteur:

The consultants will be requested to consolidate notes, draft the report based on the presentations and discussions during the event, sessions, plenary, meetings etc. and finalize the report based on input from partners.

Deliverables for three session rapporteurs:

Session summaries and consolidated notes.

To apply

Click here to download the TOR and apply

Deadline: May 10, 2018

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