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Global Solvers Co-Lab
Global Solvers Co-Lab
Global Solvers Co-Lab

The Global Solvers Co-Lab: 489 UN-limited is the space where sectors, cultures, identities, and know-how converge into something “greater than the sum of its parts”. It’s a space to deepen understanding of complex global issues, grow capacity, build networks for impact, and broaden your impact horizons. It’s a space to pivot your passion, drive and expertise as you connect, collaborate and co-create hands-on with emerging leaders from across place, identity and field. It’s an opportunity to envision and help create a future that ensures lives of dignity for all – starting with you.

You can be one of 25 Global Solvers from around the world to participate in a life-changing experience!

As participant of the Global Solvers Co-Lab:489 UN-limited, you’ll be a co-driver of the activities. Expect to engage in intensive collaboration for the entire event, sharing your unique perspective, experiences, and approaches through a series of interactive work sessions, excursions and more aligned to the SDGs and goals 4, 8 and 9 in particular. Through this facilitated collaboration, the Co-Lab drives insight and inspiration to hone skills and catalyze solutions with sustained impact.


Expenses for travel and visa can become an issue, especially for those traveling from afar. Therefore, candidates who have been selected as participants of the Global Solvers Co-Lab can apply for financial support for their travel.

In addition, participants are encouraged to organize crowdfunding campaigns in support of their expenses to attend the Global Solvers Co-Lab, including the participation fee.


Who can apply?

The Co-Lab provides tools, resources and the impetus to take ownership of and act on the most urgent challenges the world is facing.

Based on the conviction that strength is born of diversity, participants from across the globe and different sectors can apply, as long as they meet the following expectations.

  • Contents are best suited for students or early career professionals between 20 – 30 years, who are growing their capacity to be 21st century leaders. You can be from any field of study or industry – the Global Solvers Co-Lab is where science meets arts meets engineering meets humanities ….
  • While advanced knowledge about the SDGs in focus is not required, strong interest plus some practical experience in related field(s) are crucial for the Co-Lab to be impactful.
  • Complex issues demand networked solutions. That’s why you should bring the willingness and drive to be part of a highly diverse group of people working towards shared solutions – at the Co-Lab and beyond.
  • Global Solvers can be many things, activists, (social) entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, researchers, engaged citizens. Whatever your field, the Global Solvers Co-Lab helps springboard your capacity. Therefore, previous engagement is preferable – be it as a volunteer, a member of a local committee, a supporter of a campaign, or as someone who’s making a living by driving change.
  • At the Co-Lab, it’s not just talk. We expect to roll up our sleeves and get to work – collaboratively and creatively – as we unpack global issues and design tangible solutions to tackle them. Having an idea of what you hope to take on following the event will allow us to do so with dedication and focus.
  • solid knowledge of the English language (professional working) is necessary to participate.
  • Being a Fellow of the Melton Foundation, a beneficiary of the Ernst-Abbe-Stiftung, and/or a collaborator of any of the organizing partners is a plus yet not a must.

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To apply

To apply to the Global Solvers Co-Lab: 489 UN-limited, you must submit the following:

  • a written application form
  • a 1-minute video introducing yourself and how you engage around the SDGs – and particularly the goals 4, 8 or 9 –  in your community
    (We want to learn more about you and your work and will not award prizes for best director – so don’t worry too much about the video quality – we care about the content.)

Once you have your materials ready, submit your application together with the link to download your short video using the application form.

Should you encounter issues using this online interface or have general questions regarding the application, please contact

Application Deadline is Sunday, 29 April 2018!

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