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Kenya Youth Convening on Internet Governance
Kenya Youth Convening on Internet Governance

In collaboration with the Internet Society Kenya Chapter, Digital Grassroots is hosting the Kenya Convention on Internet Governance. The Kenya Youth Convening on Internet Governance is a national, annual forum where youth engage in internet governance topics and join discussions with experts and their peers. 18-25 year olds are first generation digital natives and yet when it comes to political discussions, most of them are not on the table. There is a need to change that. By educating young people on issues such as Internet Governance, privacy and security, and what it would take to connect the world, we are creating the next generation of Internet leaders.

Benefits of participating in the Kenya Youth in Internet Governance Convention:-
1. Increased knowledge and participation in Internet Governance
2. Certificate of Participation for attendees
3. Networking with other youth and stakeholders in the Internet Governance arena
4. Possibility of future collaboration with Digital Grassroots and Internet Society Kenya
5. Certificates and letters of recommendation for workshop hosts
6. Opportunity to polish up on your public speaking skills
7.Greater visibility in your work by sharing your experiences on Digital Grassroots network

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Eligibility to apply as an attendee 

  1. Between 15-29 years old in April 2018
  2. Interest to learn about Internet Governance
  3. Speak English/Swahili
  4. Available to attend convening in Nairobi on April 2018
  5. No prior experience in Internet Governance needed
  6. Willing to share information acquired at the convening in your community/ with other youth

NB: Participants outside Kenya MUST have a valid passport to attend

Eligibility to apply as a workshop host

  1. Keen interest in Internet Governance
    2. Prior experience in Internet Governance arena required
    3. Between 18-29 years old in April 2018
    4. Submit a 2-3 page proposal on your workshop
    5. Able to travel to Nairobi to host the workshop in April
    6. Proposal theme must be on an Internet Governance topic crucial and relevant to Kenya e.g. Access, Cyber security etc.

Both attendees and leaders looking to host workshops at the youth convention have to submit an application before the deadline.

To apply

To apply as an attendee click here. To apply to host a workshop click here.

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