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2nd Afrika Youth Movement Retreat and Youth Empowerment Forum 2018, Accra - GHANA
2nd Afrika Youth Movement Retreat and Youth Empowerment Forum 2018, Accra – GHANA

Afrika Youth Movement (AYM) is a pan-African, action-oriented, youth-led movement that strives for the participation, development and leadership of African youth to transform Africa and achieve their rights to peace, equality and social justice. AYM has become a strong political youth voice in Africa’s debate on youth and development. We are now a global African community of more than 10,000 organizations, youth activists, scholars, citizens and survivors from more than 40 countries.

Last year, AYM established a groundbreaking model of youth forums that started in Nairobi, Kenya on 20 March 2017 and brought together 80 youth leaders of grassroots initiatives from 20 countries. Please read Forum report here

Following the forum, members launched hubs in Ghana and Democratic Republic of Congo and replicated the forum model in Nigeria and Uganda and spent 2017 spreading our vision of pan-Africanism, campaigning and standing in solidarity with our members in Togo, Cameroon and Libya.

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This year, AYM will be organizing its 2nd Youth Empowerment Forum on the International Mother Earth Day, in Accra, Ghana, on 22nd April, 2018. We aim to host the event at the University of Ghana, gathering +100 participants and giving them a platform to question, brainstorm and critically address global agenda from the lens of Africa’s agenda; most importantly examine the role of the youth in creating the Africa We Want and engage with different stakeholders. African youth have an important role to play in pushing governments to formulate comprehensive policies and incorporate the agenda into national development strategies. The mantra of “Leave No One Behind” means the inclusion of all especially the poorest and most marginalized, youth, women and children. Following up on last year forum, we will focus on the agreed intersection of the two agendas; (1) Governance and Leadership (2) Peace and Justice (3) Employment (4) Education (5) Health (6) Agriculture (7) Youth and Women Empowerment.

Prior to the forum, we will convene for AYM’s 2018 Retreat reflecting on the impact of AYM on African Youth and evaluating our engagements with United Nations, African Union and Country Hubs. The Retreat will take place 18 – 21 April, 2018 . AYM retreat will be 4 days strategic and evaluation meeting, gathering 40 AYM members (old and new) to strategize and co-create ways to strengthen our continental youth led movement (limited spaces).

To Apply

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Deadline for Registration: 20th Feb 2018.

NOTE: AYM does NOT provide funds to cover the travels and accommodation for participants but you can request a sponsorship letter to fundraise for your participation.

For Participants based in Ghana, 10 USD participation fees will be applied and $30 for other African delegates.

Email: info@afrikayouthmovement.org for all inquiries and further information.

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