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2018 Innovation Prize for Africa
2018 Innovation Prize for Africa
2018 Innovation Prize for Africa

African Innovation Foundation (AIF) is hereby announcing the Call for Applications for its 2018 Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA). The IPA main purpose is to strengthen African innovation ecosystems through supporting a culture of innovation and competitiveness, whilst spurring the growth of innovative, market-driven African solutions to African challenges.

The Prize will focus on the following Innovation areas:
1- Environment, Energy & Water;
2- Agriculture / Agri-Business;
3- Manufacturing and Service Industry;
4- Health & Wellbeing;
5- Information Communication Technologies (ICTS).
There will be a maximum of ten nominees invited to the Awards ceremony in the host country. Out of these ten, three will be selected after face-to-face interviews for the top 3 prizes while the remaining seven shall receive recognition prizes. See details below:
• First Prize (US$ 100 000): The overall winner who represents the best of the
applicants in terms of innovativeness of their solution, the commercial and scalability potential and social impact.
• Second Prize (US$ 25 000): The innovator who best demonstrates a
commercially-driven business innovation. Beyond the aforementioned five criteria, this Award will be carefully assessed on its marketability and commercial potential.
• Special Prize for Social Impact (US$ 25,000): The innovation that demonstrates the greatest social impact.
• Recognition Prizes (US$ 5,000): the remaining seven shall receive a voucher in recognition of advancement of their innovation to the finalist stage.
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Deadline for Applications: 10th January 2018, 23.59h GMT