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Today! At 17:00 Paris Time on MILCLICKS, Gabriela Borges, the Coordinator of the Observatório da Qualidade no Audiovisual (Observatory of Audiovisual Quality) from Brazil will go live to share their views and experience on the topic “Privacy online: how important is it?”.

Is privacy online important for you? Interact with Gabriela and ask her questions! #MILCLICKS

Join the live session at 5:00pm Paris time here


MIL CLICKS is an innovation about Media and Information Literacy (MIL). It is started as a shared effort of UNESCO, partners and all of you with the aim to support the development of Media and Information literacy (MIL) skills through learning, creating and engaging you to think critically and click wisely.

The MIL CLICKS acronym stands for: Media and Information Literacy, Critical thinking/Creativity, Literacy, Intercultural, Citizenship, Knowledge and Sustainability. These are all pillars of what the UNESCO’s composite concept of MIL encompasses. MIL CLICKS movement on social networks will share knowledge, tips and resources and provide information about “how you know what you know”. Through channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, MIL CLICKS will help people learn and use MIL skills, where to find credible information, what sources to believe. As well, how to critically engage with information, media and technology to get involved into peace building, dialogue, promote tolerance, diversity, equality and freedom of expression.

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