2017 Echoing Green Fellowship (Fully Funded) | Diplomacy Opportunities

Echoing Green

Echoing Green identifies tomorrow’s transformational leaders today. Through its Fellowships and other innovative leadership initiatives, Echoing Green spots emerging leaders and invests deeply in their success to accelerate their impact.

Echoing Green will provide more than $4.6 million in unrestricted seed-stage funding and strategic foundational support this year to emerging leaders working to bring about positive social change. Over the past three decades, our total investment is over $40 million to more than 700 world-class leaders.

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80 Finalists will be published online and promoted in Echoing Green’s annual Social Impact Talent Report and flown to New York for panel interviews, workshops, and networking events.

Finalists will receive individual feedback and consultation regardless of outcome

30 final 2018 Echoing Green Fellows will be selected, introduced to partners, and donors in NYC, and kickoff their Fellowship at their New Fellows Retreat.

To apply

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Application deadline October 24, 2017


A general rule of thumb is that the organization cannot be up and running with full-time staff longer than two years and still be considered a “startup.” There is some flexibility on the two-year rule. For example, some organizations spend much more time on research and development of their program model. They may have operated for quite some time in research mode or the management team may have only been able to commit to working on their program part time while holding down another full-time job.

We believe that any organization that is being built to thrive should have a well-defined program model (and possibly a pilot initiated), an initial strategic plan, basic organizational infrastructure, a staffing plan, initial funding sources, and an established and functioning board of directors within two years of launching. If you do not yet have those things in place, you may still be in your startup phase and eligible to apply for Echoing Green

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