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Africa Europe Youth Leaders

The 4th Africa-Europe Youth Summit will bring together more than 120 youth leaders from both continents, including African Diaspora on 2-4 October in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire  to agree on a declaration on themes including education, peace & security, environment, business, democratic inclusion and culture.

African and European youth today poses many common challenges such as poverty and limited access to resources, education, healthcare and employment, along with social discrimination, lack of participation in decision-making and conflicts. By bringing together African and European Youth organisations and motivated and engaged young people, the Summit and plug-in initiative will strengthen the direct participation in the political dialogue that shapes our present reality and future outcomes.

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The youth organisations involved include the Panafrican Youth Union (PYU), European Youth Forum (YFJ), Advisory Council on Youth in Council of Europe (AC-CoE), Network of International Youth Organisations in Africa (NIYOA), African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe (ADYNE) and African Caribbean and Pacific Young Professionals Network’s (ACP YPN).

Criteria for participation:
-Age 18-30
-Current involvement in a youth organisation/network
-Experience of implementing an initiative under at least one of the themes
-Prior interest and previous knowledge of Africa-Europe cooperation
-Ability to work in either English or French

A follow-up group, the “plug-in initiative” will take the declaration and work between October 30 and November 29 to develop projects on Africa-EU cooperation with concrete deliverables. These will be presented to the EU-Africa Summit on November 30-31, also in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, which is itself, focused on youth. The initiative is still to be confirmed – expected to be finalised by 12 July – more details to follow.

Criteria for participation:
– Availability to dedicate significant time and energy to the initiative (for a period of around 6 weeks in October and November)
– Regular internet access for distance participation
– Preference for experience cooperating in international and multicultural teams

To apply

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Closing date for applications: 26th July

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