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In line with the UNESCO Operational Strategy on Youth (2014-2021), the Organization’s action in the field of youth focuses on fostering youth development and on the engagement of young women and men as a fundamental building block for peace and sustainable development. The main premise of UNESCO’s work is that youth are autonomous actors and agents of change. As part of its work, the UNESCO Youth Programme strives to raise the awareness and enhance the capacities of relevant stakeholders, both within and outside of the Organization, on key concepts and applications relevant to youth development and engagement.

For this purpose, the UNESCO Youth Programme is currently consolidating content with a view to develop three action-oriented training tools on:

  • The meaning and policy applications of holistic youth development
  • The fundamentals of youth civic engagement (concept, practices and methods)
  • Youth engagement with(in) a global intergovernmental organization such as UNESCO.

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The first two tools will be targeted mainly at external audiences and will be used to raise awareness and build capacities of policy-makers, practitioners and other youth-relevant constituencies, including UNESCO staff. The third tool is internal and will focus on how UNESCO staff can best engage with youth in their work on UNESCO Programmes across and within the Organization’s fields of competence.



  • You are a young individual (up to 30 years of age) OR a youth-led organization or company
  • You have a minimum 3-5 year experience in designing and producing training tools ideally on youth-specific issues or, more broadly, in the area of the social or human sciences (preferably targeting governmental or inter-governmental audiences)
  • You have some experience with UNESCO or a UN-System organisation and understand its functioning.
  • You have excellent written communication skills in English
  • You are confident in using graphic design programmes.


How to apply If you are a young individual, please send:

  1. Detailed UNESCO CV, available at;
  2. Cover letter explaining your qualifications for the task;
  3. Written proposal (2 pages) comprising: a. Your approach and methodology for the assignment, including a work plan in line with the tasks; b. The amount required for the assignment, which should be quoted in Euros on a monthly basis for a 3-month period (full-time work);
  4. Samples of similar tools that you have developed.

If you are a youth-led organization or company, please send:

  1. Detailed presentation of your organization or company, including evidence that it is youth-led and an explanation of its credentials for the tasks;
  2. Written proposal (2 pages) comprising: a. Its approach and methodology for the assignment, including a work plan in line with the tasks; b. The total amount required for the deliverables, which should be quoted in Euros;
  3. Samples of similar tools that you have developed.

To apply

Send the above-mentioned documents by email to by 2 July 2017, midnight CET, mentioning in the subject: “SHS/YSS – Tools developer in the area of youth – Call for applications and written proposals.”

Overview of deliverables

Title: Domain: Tools developer in the area of youth (young individual or youth-led organization/company) Youth Organizational

Unit: Youth and Sport Section Division of Ethics, Youth and Sport Social and Human Sciences Sector

Primary Location: Paris, France

Duration: 3 months

The UNESCO Youth Programme is looking for an experienced young individual, or youth-led organization or company that will transform the relevant substantive material/content that will be provided by UNESCO for each of these documents into three action-oriented training tools adapted to the respective audiences mentioned above. The tools should be in English, of maximum 20 pages each. They should be short, concise, didactic and user-friendly. The language used should be clear and sharp. The tools should be adapted for use both individually by the targeted users AND collectively in training sessions.

For the development and finalization of the tools, the contractor will need to regularly liaise with the UNESCO Youth Programme (either physically in Paris or via electronic means of communication), proposing relevant wording, illustrations and graphics.

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