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UEF - UNEP Course on Multilateral Environmental Agreements

University of Eastern Finland (UEF) – United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) Course on Multilateral Environmental Agreements is a high profile two week Course on MEAs, international environmental law-making and diplomacy. It is organised annually in cooperation of the University of Eastern Finland and United Nations Environment Programme, with a changing course venue and theme each year.

The aim of the Course is to equip present and future negotiators of multilateral environmental agreements with the information and experiences of others in the area of international environmental law-making in order to improve the impact and implementation of these key treaties.

The Course also serves as a forum for fostering cooperation between developed and developing country negotiators; and for taking stock of recent developments in the negotiation and implementation of multilateral environmental agreements and diplomatic practices in this field. The ultimate aim of the Course is to improve environmental negotiation capacity and governance worldwide.

The Course is intended for experienced government officials engaged in international environmental negotiations. Also representatives of non-governmental organizations and representatives from the private sector may apply. In addition, researchers and academics in the field of international environmental law are also welcome to apply to the Course.

The course will be held in English. Therefore, a good command of English is a prerequisite for attending the course.

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How To Apply

The applications will be submitted through an online application platform. The application deadline is 4 August 2017. Late applications will not be considered. Please note that once submitted no changes can be made to the online application. If you wish to amend an error in the submitted application, please contact the course administration: mea-course(at)uef.fi

You can find the online application form here:


1. Fill in the online application form. Make sure you fill in all the required information, incomplete applications will not be considered.

2. Please indicate whether or not you are applying for a fellowship. Note that fellowships are granted only for applicants from developing countries and from countries with economies in transition.

3. Submit your application by the deadline. The application period for the 2016 course ended on 28th of August 2016.

Fellowships and expenses

Participants are expected to pay their travel and other expenses and a tuition fee of 1000 EUR. Candidates from developing countries and from countries with economies in transition can apply for a full or partial fellowship.

There are only a limited number of full and partial fellowships available. The organizers encourage candidates to find external funding for their participation.

  • The full fellowship covers necessary travel expenses to the country where the course is held, accommodation incl. breakfast at the hotel, and the tuition fee.
  • The partial fellowship covers accommodation incl. breakfast at the hotel, and the tuition fee, but does not cover travel expenses to the country where the course is held.
  • However, participants with a full or partial fellowship are still expected to cover minor expenses by themselves that arise from e.g. meals outside the course programme.
  • Self-paying participants cover their own expenses (travel, tuition fee, accommodation).

Activities listed on the agenda are however covered by the tuition fee (e.g. meals, airport pickup, transportation during the course, excursions and accommodation during the excursions are included in the tuition fee).

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Deadline: August 4, 2017


Approximately 30 participants, with an equal distribution from the North and South and taking into account gender balance as a matter of principle will be admitted to the Course. Participants having successfully completed the Course will be awarded a Diploma.

1. We will announce on the course website when we have finalized our selection by a later announced date.
2. If you are selected to the Course, we will send you a personal invitation letter via email.
3. If you do not receive a personal invitation by the announced date, this means that you were not selected.

Note that we receive approximately 200-300 applications each year, and thus we kindly ask you to be patient with the outcome of the selection.

Selection process

Selection process starts immediately after the deadline has closed. However, please note  that the selection process will take its time – we reserve for at least one month to finalize the selection. The applicants will be informed as soon as the selection process is complete.

Note also that only those who are selected to join the course will be informed of the selection personally via email. However, the information on the finalized course selection will also be put to the course webpage.

Selected participants

The selected participants are required to confirm their participation in order to enable the Course organizers to make the necessary arrangements. The confirmation is conclusive. If a selected participant does not wish to participate to the Course, the place will be given to an another applicant. It is therefore important that the selected participants either confirm their participation in due time or inform the Course organizers about the rejection of the offered place on the course or about other possible problems in attending the Course.

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