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Afrika Youth Movement

Attempts to change the narratives have called it a “new Africa” or “Africa Rising”. However, as African youth we do not have to prove a new or rising Africa which assumes that Africa only has potential and only for these decades, we will not retell, reclaim or re-image our stories, we will simply showcase a #TrueAfrika.

In previous decades, perhaps we had no choice but to accept a certain level of ignorance and misrepresentation of Africa on the media, the cinema, the global civil society narratives, but today, with the technology and globalized world, there is no excuse for you not to seek the true story and here we are offering it to you from local voices. If media have no ethical standards of reporting on Africa, we offer the alternative.

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Stories shape perceptions and perceptions shape behaviour. This is why, AYM is launching a new campaign #TrueAfrika, with country hashatgs #TrueNigeria, #TrueTunisia, #TrueSouthAfrica, #TrueCameroon etc.

Afrika Youth Movement (AYM) is a pan-African, action-oriented, youth-led movement that strives for the participation, development and leadership of African youth to transform Africa and achieve their rights to equality, peace and social justice. The movement aspires to create a continent that respects the rights of all its citizens, promotes the values of ubuntu, unity, self-determination, integrity and accountability and empowers African youth.

This is a call for local bloggers, Vloggers and photographers.

AYM is pleased to open the call for AYM Correspondents fellowship Programme

1. Purpose
– Influencing world perception and public opinion
– Decolonizing Aboriginal Media and raising awareness about #TrueAfrika
– Changing the narrative about Africa and trending African countries
– Promoting tourism in the most stereotyped African regions, countries, cities, areas.

The correspondent can be a writer/blogger, photographer or videographer. Selected candidates are to report day to day life, hidden spaces and landscapes, invisible and under-reported stories, sinister stereotypes and peddle myth about African women, African youth, African history, stories of transformation, triumph and success, stories of struggle and hope. All content will be published at Afrika Youth Movement website.

2. Eligibility

– Be between 20-32 years
– Be willing to put in at least 8-12 hours a month for AYM
– Be national and resident of any African country
– Demonstrate a commitment to AYM values and mission
– Think outside the box
– Produce quality work, and be a good “#TrueAfrika ambassador”

3. Skills

Any AYM Correspondent must:

  • – Be able to write in English, French or Arabic
  •  Previous experience as a writer, blogger, photographer, videographer or journalist is an advantage.
  • You do not have to be professional or earning any education qualifications, all you need is talent, creativity and passion for your country
  • Be flexible with changes in our themes, as well as work style.
  • Be able to research, observe and find/tell true African stories
  • Have a keen understanding and passion for online blogging (writing, photography, video or audio)
  • Be able to use a variety of social media to promote and share your work to mobilize and increase views and activity.
  • Be creative in using multimedia content in your features and blog posts, within the guidelines and mentorship of AYM team to produce high quality work.
  • Be able to collaborate with your local governments or tourism board to promote your stories
  • Be able to work with other AYM members in your country and AYM Hub in your country and attend their meetings.
  • Previous experience with online or offline writing (or other media) is an advantage.

5. What we expect from you

* Writers/Bloggers
– Write and submit one story per month of 500 to 1,000 words. They should be well researched, sourced, and fact-checked
– Translate interviews when needed to the main language of your story
– Submit as your final project for the fellowship
– Attend regularly meetings/trainings with AYM team, mentors and fellow correspondents

** Photographers:
– Submit 2 weekly sharp photograhs with 200 words description
– Submit one monthly photo-essay story
– Submit a photobook of 20 photographs as your final project for the fellowship
– Attend regularly meetings/trainings with AYM team, mentors and fellow correspondents

*** Vloggers:
– Submit 1 weekly clip of 42seconds to 3 minutes (interviews, stories, narratives, etc..)
– Provide subtitles for video and audio recording content if in another language than English, French or Arabic.
– Submit 1 short or long documentary as final project for the fellowship
– Attend regularly meetings/trainings with AYM team, mentors and fellow correspondents

=> Please note that AYM does only accept original content. For ethical and practical reasons, AYM absolutely forbids plagiarism. Also not producing stories for 2 months respectively will lead to automatic suspension from the fellowship

6. What we offer:
– Memorable pan-African experience working in a pan-African multicultural group of passionate youth
– Visibility of your stories with our wide online community and partners
– E-Certificate on successful completion of the fellowship
– Recommendation letter or reference to exceptional correspondents
– Recognition of the “Best Correspondent of the term” shall be given to One ‘Correspondent’ in each category who shows the most creative and impactful work.
– Opportunities to represent AYM at the national and international level upon official approval of AYM Power Team
– Excelling correspondents during their term have the chance to be AYM permanent correspondents upon a panel selection
– Each correspondent will have the chance to get feedback from other correspondents and mentors
– Each correspondent will have a profile on AYM website

7. Programme
AYM Correspondents Fellowship first cohort will last for 10 months- from 12 August 2017 to 25 May 2018. The Correspondents team will have a project curator, Editor-in-Chief, editors, translators and mentors.

8. How to apply:
Interested to become AYM Correspondent For #TrueAfrika campaign? Sick of the mainstream negative portrait of your country, diffusion of misinformation and under-reporting of key narratives that matter to you? You meet all the mentioned eligibility criteria above? Then this fellowship is for you! Apply Today.

Click here to fill the application here

Please note we will select 3 correspondents per country, one blogger, one Vlogger and one photographer.

Deadline for submissions 05 June 2017

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