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Meet Benedicta Chukwuyem Uweru from Nigeria. Benedicta joined YALI network and commenced a course on understanding the rights of women and girls, where she started a movement against teenage pregnancy. In her words “ the course on understanding the rights of women and girls made me realize the role of every single individual in educating the younger generation around us and also to live our lives to be worthy of emulation”

This awareness led Benedicta to BE THE CHANGE in her community and planned a campaign “CAMPAIGN AGAINST TEENAGE PREGNANCY”. She invited students of


secondary schools in her community, school teachers, parents and she also made the invitation open to other individuals in her community. She had experienced speakers brought in so as to adequately educate the young ones on the need to stand up against teenage pregnancy, the speakers made sure to educate the audience on the ills of teenage pregnancy and also stressed on the need to focus on their goal so as not to be distracted.


At the end of the seminar, “we were so contented to have made a positive impact in the minds of the younger generation, and this is a fight that we plan to extend to other communities”

A campaign as this could be the change your community needs. Be like Benedicta and lead such a change that will positively affect the knowledge of individuals and strengthen the position of the community.

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