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Global-In Fellowship 2017, Berlin Germany

Global-In Fellowship is a three-week youth project in politics and diplomacy, providing opportunities to explore international relations and to enhance diplomatic skills. The program is composed of three unique weeks, each covering different topics in unique ways. After a cultural program on the arrival weekend, the workshop-week begins.

Are you young and interested in international relations, politics or diplomacy? Would you describe yourself as open-minded and willing to get to know new cultures? Are you engaged in the civil society? Are you a leader in your community and are you looking to meet more leaders in the same age group?

If you can answer most of the questions with a definite ‘YES’, then you should apply for Global-In Fellowship!

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Four workshops will be held. The evening program of the first week will train the participants in rhetoric, negotiation and team work.

In the second week, a Model United Nations (MUN) conference will be held. The participants will assume the roles of representatives of UN member states. In the Security Council and the Human Rights Council, they will draft solutions for actual, real-world problems.

The third weekend is themed “National Socialism” and shall educate the participants about the Third Reich and the Holocaust. The third week is a creation of the Global-In Fellowship: A post-world war simulation in which only a few states remain intact.

We cover the costs of your travel to and from Berlin, the program, food, housing, public transport and any other expenses related to the project thanks to our sponsors. We will not cover any private expenses such as shopping in Berlin and other things you might want to do in your free time. Unfortunately we cannot cover health or any other insurance for your stay in Germany, the cost of your passport and Visa Costs for Non-EU participants due to funding restrictions.


The project is open to about 60 young participants from 16 to 20 years from Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Jordan, Moldova, Morocco, Norway, Poland and Sweden.

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The application deadline will be May 14, 2017

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