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Geneva 2030 Innovation Sprint

The Innovation Sprint will bring together a cohort of 30-40 individuals from diverse sectors and disciplines who share a common passion for advancing progress on the SDGs.

What will I get out of the process?

The Innovation Sprint is an experiment – an experiment in collaboration; an experiment in new work methods; and an experiment in creating solutions to complex sustainable development challenges. By participating, the cohort will broaden and deepen their network, develop new capacity applicable in a variety of applications, and gain access to a platform for turning ideas into action.

  • Network – participants will build relationships with actors from other disciplines and sectors in Geneva and beyond.
  • Capacity – participants will deepen their understanding of innovation and systems-thinking methodologies
  • Platform – participants will gain access to a platform that creates space for new thinking and that can mobilize resources for unique solutions.

What is the commitment?

The SDG Innovation Sprint is a 6-month commitment totalling approximately 5-8 days of work in all.  During those 6 months you will take part in 4-5 days of workshops, and up to 3-4 days of check in calls, group meetings and stakeholder consultation.  Participants will review their participation and determine if they would like to continue with Phase 2 of the sprint at the end of December 2017.

What kind of people are we looking for?

We are looking for individuals from a variety of disciplines, sectors and backgrounds.  The success of the sprint will rely on the diversity of ideas, perspectives and experiences that are present.  Ideal candidates:

  • Are committed to the 2030 Agenda
  • Work in an institution (i.e. UN, NGO, private sector, academic) that is advancing the SDGs
  • Are located in Geneva or the surrounding area
  • Have a willingness to try new approaches and trust the innovation process
  • Understand the realities of their focus area, topic, and institution
  • Value collaboration

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