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Apply Opportunities Knock Your Door Country Ambassador for the Global Ambassadors Program

Opportunities Knock Your Door is calling for applications to apply as a Country Ambassador for the Global Ambassadors Program. Country Ambassador is an elite position awarded to passionate individuals from all over the world to share opportunities, promote United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and write articles on youth and culture. Opportunities Knock Your Door Global Ambassadors Program provides an opportunity to showcase creativity and expand research skills through writing articles on our website as well as an exceptional experience with the opportunity to recruit City Ambassadors in respective countries and actively plan to execute various SDG awareness programs in each region and country!

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As a representative to Opportunities Knock Your Door, Country Ambassador must embody the spirit and values of the organisation. The Country Ambassadors must take on various roles to promote and raise social and SDG awareness for each region and country they are representing. Opportunities Knock Your Door Ambassadors would carry the voice of the future generations at an international level.

The Global Ambassador Program is a 6 month intensive program that aims to :

Connect youths to the right opportunities that facilitate their growth and experiences.
Create a platform of articles on a range of topics for youths to learn about other regions/current issues.
Educate youths on the Sustainable Development Goals.
Inspire youths to contribute to the SDGs by organising events.

Benefits :

Ambassadors gain:

Knowledge and experience working with a start up organization run solely by young people
Leadership and organizational skills
A powerful network of ambassadors from all over the world
Experience writing articles
Online mentoring on all ambassador reports
Social media skills
Electronic promotional goods for effective SDG related campaigns to be planned and executed by an ‘Ambassador’
E-certificate on successful completion of Ambassador term
E-reference letter to exceptional Country Ambassadors
Recognition of the “Best Ambassador of the term” shall be given to 1 (One) ‘Ambassador’ who shows the most passionate and active social accomplishments as well as organizing events of Opportunities Knock Your Door. A certificate and souvenir will be given to the Best Country Ambassador at the end of the term. The process and final decision on the selection shall be planned and confirmed by Opportunities Knock Your Door team.

Eligibility :

Applicants can be of any age
Applicants must be passionate about youth, social engagement and Sustainable Development Goals
Applicants must have a desire to change the world

Eligible Regions : Open for all

To Apply:

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Timeline :

May 25, 2017 : Closing of application

May 26, 2017 : Announcement of successful applicants

June 1, 2017 : Country Ambassador term starts

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  1. I try to understand something here on this topic ” Diplomatic Opportunities for Ambassadors in Youths SDGs” means that comes to make ‘youth’ to be also Ambassadors.

    This programme’s main objective may be to have the brain wash of especially African victims of young addicted people. As well as it may be time to influence and push the youth all over the world to have fighting gun for poverty not a fighting for property.


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