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World Heritage Convention workshop on Nature Culture Linkages Fully Funded

The purpose of the Capacity Building Workshops on Nature-Culture Linkages in Asia and the Pacific (CBWNCL) is to contribute to the World Heritage Capacity Building Programme led by ICCROM and IUCN, in consultation with ICOMOS and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, in developing new approaches towards integrated conservation of cultural and natural heritage. These workshops started in 2016, explore nature-culture linkages with focus on theory and practice in Asia and the Pacific Region. The visit to Japanese heritage sites forms a core component of the programme where participants conduct practical work. Participants will be able to understand issues and explore approaches being adopted in the field.

Theme of CBWNCL 2017: Sacred Landscapes

Participants of the CBWNCL 2017 will explore the nature-culture linkages in sacred landscapes and the possibilities of developing comprehensive approaches that consider the cultural values of natural areas and the cultural practices of sacredness as tools for the conservation of cultural and natural heritage. Using current knowledge that has been developed, sharing the Japanese experience and exchanging knowledge among practitioners from the Asia and the Pacific region where many natural and cultural landscapes are considered sacred, recommendations for the conservation of sacred landscapes in this region would be suggested.


  • To strengthen theoretical knowledge on sacred landscapes and their relevance in connecting conservation practices between natural and cultural heritage professionals.
  • To visit and exchange experiences with local managers and residents in areas/sites where sacred landscapes are protected and conserved with different approaches, initiatives and governance systems.
  • To reflect on nature-culture linkages, natural values and cultural values in sacred landscapes in general, and in participants’ own sites/case studies in particular.
  • To establish networks among heritage practitioners in the region.
  • To elaborate recommendations for the conservation of Sacred landscapes in Asia and the Pacific following a nature-culture approach.


The workshop is an intensive programme combining theory and practice, through lectures, presentations and roundtables in Tsukuba at the University Campus, and a field trip to the World Heritage property “Sacred sites and pilgrimage routes of the Kii Mountain Range”, where participants will get in contact with local managers and local communities.


The workshop is open to a maximum number of 15 young professionals from Asia and the Pacific region involved in the management of cultural or natural heritage sites, specifically, sacred landscapes. Mid-career Heritage Practitioners with minimum of 5 years of experience from both natural and cultural heritage sectors currently engaged in managing/working with sacred landscapes in particular, and natural heritage sites with cultural values and vice versa are eligible to apply.

Travel, accommodation and living expenses

Organizers will cover the cost of accommodation and living expenses for the selected participants and a limited number of scholarships will be available to cover the travel costs.

To apply:

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Deadline May 7, 2017

A certificate of attendance given by the University will be awarded to participants who satisfactorily complete the workshop.

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