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The Global Alliance of Youths Countering Violent Extremism would like to share with you a call for submission of policy briefs for a global exercise of Youths CVE needs assessment. This is an open call for all interested persons of ages 35 or below and members of the alliance to submit written policy briefs in the criteria specified below.

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The needs assessment seeks to capture and promote knowledge of evidence-informed best practices to the governments, regional, sub-regional and local P/CVE stakeholders. This global exercise is with regard to the commitments made in the past of the same reference to operationalize and expand youths’ personality’s space for advocacy-based engagement; this, at policy creation and implementation stages. Further, the policy briefs submissions will be published online as one.

Priority areas:

  1. CVE and Religion;
  2. CVE, Children and Youth;
  3. CVE and Women;
  4. CVE and DDR (De-radicalization, Disarmament, and Reintegration)

Criteria for submission

  1. Author must be an Associate Member of the alliance (join here:;
  2. Submissions should be focused on the priority areas;
  3. Author must be of age 35 or below;
  4. 750 – 1800 words in the format suggested here;
  5. Microsoft Word or PDF formats only.

Deadline for submitting is Friday 12 th May 2017 at the link

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