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Lead the Leaders Program

The NIRMALA Chellaram Centre for Entrepreneurship is Nigeria’s and Africa’s flagship centre committed to the practical development and nurturing of the Entrepreneurial Instincts of the Nigerian Youth, be it Undergraduates, Employees, Employers, Retirees or Unemployed Youths. We will unveil our activities fully in June 2017. We are open to members and non-members of the University of Lagos Community.

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In view of one of our focal areas which is embracing a ‘Vibrant Community’, we are putting out a Nationwide and Global call to serve through Africa’s most structured and most beneficial Volunteer Program called ‘Lead the Leaders Volunteer Program’.

The NIRMALA CHELLARAM LEAGUE OF YOUNG PROFESSIONALS AND ENTREPRENEURS ‘Lead the Leaders Volunteer Program’ is our grassroots initiative to develop and groom young DYNAMIC Nigerian Leaders in Business/Entrepreneurship, Government/Public Service and Civil Society/Community Action. Through the NIRMALA CHELLARAM LEAGUE OF YOUNG PROFESSIONALS AND ENTREPRENEURS Lead the Leaders Volunteer Program, you get the opportunity of a lifetime to earn better opportunities, enjoy more influence and lead a more interesting and significant life across the world.

Through the Lead the Leaders Volunteer Program, you will be expected to organize events, workshops and programs that fosters Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Physical Networking. Of course, we will provide the means via which events organized by a Team in a State will be properly implemented without financial hassles. This event will take place just TWICE every QUARTER (Two events in 3 Months).

Your specific roles and responsibilities will be shared in an email to be sent to you as soon as you apply to be a Lead the Leader Volunteer.

To apply:

You will also be responsible for managing 1000 Young Leaders through mentoring, counselling, sharing network events and opportunities that will better their lot and opportunities.

You also get recognized at all levels (Online and Offline) and a Certificate of Service (Gold Service Star) will be awarded to you at the end of your TENURE. (Specific Benefits to be shared only with those selected).

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You can visit the Murli T. Chellaram Foundation website at: http://www.mtc-foundation.org/ or send a mail to chizoba-mtcfoundation@chellaramsplc.com if you have complaints or issues filling the form

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