Project Aspire Nigeria 2017 | Diplomacy Opportunities

The idea that birthed Project Aspire! is to empower and equip youth and teenagers with leadership skills, assist them in their chosen career path and open them to different streams of income and opportunities.

The potentials of teenagers and youth in Nigeria and Africa at large is arguably contradictory: on one side, pockets of shining stars; on the other, a largely untapped resource. But as researches have shown, there is a growing evidence that young people can be change agents when given a chance but we need to prepare them.

Many teenagers and youth lack the capacity to ignite their inner man, identify their passion and path their future. But their stories and lives are about to change!

We believe that youth and especially teenagers are our future leaders, and we want to make sure they are ready for the role.

With this Conference, youth and teens will learn the skills they need to adapt in this generation and lead the next.

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