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UNOY Peacebuilders Training of Trainers Advocate

Are you a young peacebuilder who feels a strong commitment to advocate for increased youth participation in peacebuilding? Would you like to build your knowledge and skills to hold meaningful discussions with European policy makers? If so, UNOY Peacebuilders invites you to apply to participate in the 2017 Training of Advocates to be held between April 7 – 14 in Brussels, Belgium.

The Training

At UNOY Peacebuilders we believe that advocacy is central to peacebuilding in shaping policy and practice. In our experience of advocacy work, capacity development through training plays a key component in successful campaigning and advocacy. The 2017 Training of Advocates will sharpen your understanding of the European political environment on the youth, peace and security agenda, build your advocacy skills to engage in dialogue with policy makers, and connect you to other young peacebuilders coming from diverse backgrounds.

Both trainers have extensive advocacy and training knowledge and experience. Participants will have a central role during the training by sharing their own knowledge and ideas and helping develop a youth advocacy manual. A select number of participants will be invited to join UNOY’s European Youth Advocacy team.


This training aims to connect young people’s local peace activism with advocacy at the regional level. It is not a one-off event but rather part of a process that requires participants with specific profiles, proven interest in peacebuilding and advocacy, and strong commitment to the training objectives. This is to ensure that the training can flow smoothly with the highest standard and having the greatest impact.

We are therefore looking for 18 participants between 18-30 years old, who:
● have experience in the fields of peacebuilding, conflict transformation, human security and/or advocacy;
● have prior experience or shown interest in advocacy on local, national or international level;
● come from youth peacebuilding organisations – both inside and outside the UNOY network
● come from a Council of Europe member state (or a signatory state of the European Cultural Convention);
● fluent in English since the working language of the training will be English;

Priority will be given to participants who:
● are currently active in an organisation, program or project in the above fields;
● coming from conflict and post-conflict communities, communities that experience high levels of direct violence and communities where violent extremism is on the rise;
● have experience in working with policy-making institutions and its affiliated bodies;
● are committed to multiply the outcomes of the training in their own work.

How to apply?

In order to apply you should, fill the form below

Application Form

Deadline: 8 February 2017.

For any questions contact Federica Sustersic (


All participants are required to pay a participation fee of € 70. International travel costs will be covered by 70%. Please note, travel costs must be approved by organisers beforehand on the basis of the least expensive route between your place of residence and Brussels. Accommodation (shared rooms in a youth hostel), meals, visa fees, local transportation costs to/from the airport are fully covered.

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