Media and Information Literacy Workshop at the Barack Obama Center Lagos

Peace has been an issue of which its existence has been threatened. From terrorist attacks to wars and violent protests or rebellion, this century has experienced numerous unstable events.

What causes violent extremism? why do people/governments/group act the way the do? Is peace the absence of war? What can be done to restore peace or breed a generation of non-violent peace makers?

All these are questions that keep resonating in our heads as we thrive to promote a peaceful world.

At Diplomacy Opportunities, We believe in the power of the media, of collaboration and of education. Through new media, we reach thousands of young people globally and spread the “Peace” word as our world is constantly being connected through technology.

We also collaborate with organisations to run programs and educative sessions to train young people on how they can be effective peacebuilders locally and globally because as peace makers, we must stress that the long range goal of peace education should be the elimination of war as a method of resolving disputes.

This year September 22, together with the United Nations Association of Nigeria and the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC), Lagos host over 200 young leaders to celebrate #PeaceDay 2016 and also promote ways in countering violent extremism. Are you around Lagos Nigeria? then register to join us here

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