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Africans Rising Conference

This conference seeks to consolidate visions and views towards building a continent wide social justice platform for civil society advancement, solidarity and protection. The immediate opportunity arises from the decision by Action Aid Denmark to hand over their TCDC facility to an African institution that could act as a new Africa wide centre for civil society.

Over 2016, consultations have taken place with civil society activists, regional and local networks, NGOs, international non-governmental organisations (INGOs), trade unions and faith-based groups across the continent. Three main trends emerged in the consultations. Africa is still too weak to fight climate injustice, political exclusion and economic globalisation. At home, too many autocratic Governments continue to shrink civic space and seek to control our independence. INGOs continue to dominate local and national NGOs and both are increasingly disconnected from social movements from the poorest and most marginalised.

By the end of the conference, participants will have reached agreement on the main organising rationale, programming areas, membership and governance model and resource-mobilisation strategy.

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