Nearly one-third of the world’s people have uncorrected vision problems. Most of them don’t know a treatment exists. Help them get what they need

The Clearly Vision Prize is focusing money and support on delivering one of the most basic needs of all – sight. We see four primary solutions categories for helping the world see clearly: Diagnosis, Training, Supply and Insights.

If your solution shows exceptional promise, you’ll compete for a series of prizes and awards totaling $250,000.

CVP 3rd prize Diplomacy Opp

Clearly Vision needs technology gurus, supply chain experts, data wizards and more. The Clearly Vision Prize seeks innovators who can help the world see clearly. You could be the one that puts glasses in the hands of everyone who needs them, or gives more children access to vision correction and the education that follows. Join the challenge, and compete to win one-on-one mentoring, media exposure and funding for your solution.

Compete for the prize here on the official website

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